4 Gifts for the Spa Lover in Your Life

Every Christmas, Mother’s Day, Birthday, we’re on the hook for thoughtful yet useful gift ideas that show we care. Gifting doesn’t have to be a pain - in fact, all of our wellness gift boxes at Relaxingselfcare.com are designed to be gifted to someone you love. 

Here are 4 gifts that your friends and family will love!

Relax Girl Gift Box

Know someone who is always go-go-go? Us, too. We are firm believers that there's beauty in slowing down, and sometimes, the people in our lives need a little push to do just that. This carefully curated gift box is a friendly reminder that encourages even the busiest soul to take a moment to themselves to slow down, practice self-care, and relax.


Bubbly Eye Gels

Bubbly Eye Gels are the perfect 10 minute pick me up for busy bodies. Apply first thing in the morning to rid yourself of tired eyes, starting the day with that glowy Vitamin C boost. After 10 minutes, remove, discard and massage the leftover eye serum into the skin with a gentle touch. Voilá! **Chef’s Kiss**


Thinking Of You Gift Box

Send a hug in a box with this specially curated Thinking of You Gift Box. Whether you have a personal reason in mind behind sending this care package or it's a "just because" kind of gift, the recipient will love knowing that you're thinking of them even when you can't be close.


Collagen Neck & Décolleté Mask

These hidden treasures are an entire spa treatment in one sleek package. Drenched in collagen serum and aloe vera, this two-piece mask is ready to rescue your skin. Stock up - you’re going to want to do one every week after you see the results!


With thoughtful self-care gifts, you really can’t go wrong! Any one of these ideas will have your entire family fighting to draw your name at the next Secret Santa.